Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Chris Jones is a figurative artist based in the North East of England. Chris gained a degree in Fine Art from the University of Sunderland in 1986 and has been painting ever since.

‘My inspiration is the human form in everyday situations,’ Chris explains, ‘sitting on a bench, reading a text message, dashing to get to work on time. I see artistic potential all around me. The world we live in can be everything an artist needs to create images that make people look more closely at things they wouldn't normally notice. My surroundings motivate me to combine the portrayal of city life with my passion for figurative painting. I find beauty and visual interest in commonplace situations and believe that these simple scenarios can be fascinating to the viewer, despite their apparent normality. Atmospheric, frozen moments are created from everyday scenes which often exploit strong sunlight and shadows.

‘To enhance the sense of observing a scene and looking down at the subject, I like to use a high viewpoint. Sometimes this is directly above which creates a foreshortened and unusual view of the figure. I enjoy incorporating sunlight and shadows in my work as it creates added drama. Most of the artists I have enjoyed over the years have also used strong tonal contrast to great effect.

‘I aim to provide the viewer with a painting which can be enjoyed both visually and narratively. I believe that it should always stimulate and engage the imagination.’

Chris Jones’ work is widely exhibited around the UK.