1. Alan J Gray
      Alan Gray is a photographer native to the North East of England and specialises in local scenes....View
    1. Alf Snell
      Alf Snell is a north east artist specialising in paintings of days gone by. This include vintage...View
    1. Angus Thompson
      Angus Thompson is a local photographer in his native north east of England. Angus has a wide...View
    1. Chris Jones
      Chris Jones is a figurative artist based in the North East of England. Chris gained a degree in...View
    1. Colin Slater
      Colin is an up and coming artist born and based in the North East. He is self taught and...View
    1. Colin Todd
      Colin Todd, based in the North East of England, studied Art and Design at Newcastle College of...View
    1. David Alderson
      David Alderson Born in County Durham and has a love oil painting and became self-taught in this...View
    1. David Henshaw
      David Henshaw studied art at Mansfield School of Art. After National Service in the RAF, he...View
    1. Deborah Cauchi
      Deborah is a figurative artist specialising in oil on canvas. She begins by sketching basic...View
    1. Derek Vincent
      Derek Vincent T.B.A.View
    1. Eileen Stockwell
      Eileen Stockwell. Local artist. Trained at Newcastle. Taught in Middlesbrough and Syracuse, New...View
    1. Elisabeth Patterson
      Elisabeth Patterson I trained as an illustrator and taught art for several years and now work...View
    1. Gill Gill
      Gill Gill studied Illustration at Sunderland University and is native to the area. She trained...View
    1. Jim Harker
      Jim Harker TBAView
    1. Jim Keers
      In Memory.... "Welcome to my world of Art. I have always loved painting from a very young...View
    1. John Rogers
      In the 1980s I studied graphic art and in my final year studied natural history illustration and...View
    1. Martyn Allen
      Self taught artist Martyn Allen never touched paints until his mid 40's when he had a little...View
    1. Mike Clay
      Originally from West Sussex, Mike has lived in the north east for 30 years since he graduated...View
    1. P J. Wintrip RA
      P J. Wintrip RAView
    1. Paul Morgan Clarke
      Born in the North East of England, Paul studied Fine Art in Sunderland. Since graduating...View
    1. Paul Oughton
      Paul Oughton is quickly becoming one of the top selling artists from the North East of England....View
    1. Paul Swinney
      Paul was a finalist in the 2007 Urban Photographer of the Year competition. He also was a...View
    1. Pete Endean
      Working in watercolours, oils, pen/ink and pastels, most of my paintings reflect observations and...View
    1. Ralf Coulson
      Ralf Coulson:- Local ArtistView
    1. Ray Bradshaw
      Ray Bradshaw is an artist producing paintings which he returned to full time after a lifelong...View
    1. Richard Balaram
    1. Richard Buckley
      Born in Sunderland in 1975, Richard has exhibited and sold his work locally, nationally and...View
    1. Robert Larkman
      His son David has agreed to put them on show for all to enjoy. The memory lives on for Robert...View
    1. Robert Wild
      Robert Wild, of Sunderland is a self taught artist. His interest in landscape and architectural...View
    1. Roger Dobson
      The paintings by Roger Dobson often feature a person or two. His individual style of painting...View
    1. Roger Gadd
      Originally from near Manchester, Roger Gadd has lived in the North East since 1984. He has always...View
    1. Ron Davidson
      Ron Davidson was born in Sunderland where he has lived and worked all his life. His paintings are...View
    1. Ron Lloyd
      Ron Lloyd specialises in north east of England humour, especially local rivalry between...View
    1. Thomas Conlon
      Thomas Conlon was born in Ireland his father was from Belfast and his mother from Sunderland and...View
    1. Vivian Riches
      Vivian Riches has lived in the North East since 1994 and started painting watercolours 2 years...View